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River Elwy - Roe Park

Beat Description

This beat extends from the A55 road bridge to the 2nd stile down stream. There is 800 yards of left bank with both banks between the access road and the A55 road bridge. Please note that this beat is only for three rods at any one time. The beat is noted for salmon and sea trout when the conditions are favourable.

How to get there:

Turn off the A55 or go straight across the A55 (Talardy) roundabout from St Asaph, go down the dual carriageway towards Rhuddlan, through the traffic lights and at the next roundabout u-turn and go back toward St Asaph, just as you pass the 30mph signs turn down the access lane with the “Spring Gardens Holiday Park” sign and park tidily near the bridge.


Please park tidily near the bridge.

Post Code: 

Grid Reference: 

Top of beat - SJ 034 748

Bottom - SJ 032 753

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