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River Elwy - Ddol Farm

Beat Description

The beat has a classic spate river topography, fast running water over boulders and large stones. There are pleasant pools, one at the top of the beat, a further two towards the centre and a further at the end of the beat. Salmon may be taken from the pools later in in the season  and sea trout at night. With a little skill and more than a little luck the occasional decent wild brown trout may be encountered.  This is a beat you will either love or hate.

How to get there / Parking:

Look for the entrance to Fferm y Ddôl on the left about ½ mile coming down from the crossroads, or on the right coming up from the bridge, drive down the track and parking is on the far side of the bridge. Alternatively park as for Kinmel Beat 1 and walk down the bank by permission of R&StAAS to the bridge, rods must not be carried made up when accessing or leaving the beat by this route.

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