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River Clwyd -

Greenbank / Perthewig

Beat Description

Access to the left bank of the beat is via steps in the hedge to the left of Pont y Cambwll* bridge parapet.  On this bank, the water is difficult to access for the first 300 metres or so but where it is accessible there are some nice pools, although casting a fly can be difficult.  After that though, there are many good pools and although there is a lot of bank side tree cover, frustrating for the angler at times but good cover for the fish, access to most of them is good or fair including Hugh’s Pool, a favourite pool on this beat and the only named pool on the beat.

Access to the right bank is across the field leading to the river from the official car park which is located on the left a few hundred yards/metres further along the road in the direction of Tremeirchion.  One advantage of this beat is that as it is nearly all double bank, all pools can be fished from one side of the river or the other.   There are a number of places where anglers can cross the river with care and at their own risk when the water is low.  If intending to fish until after dark it’s worth noting a landmark near where you crossed if you wish to cross back.   There are also some short stretches of high bank on this beat which, because of the sandy nature of the soil, can become undercut as a result of winter floods.  Although easily spotted, beware of getting too near to the edge at these locations.

Although the beat is regarded predominantly as a salmon and sea trout beat, it can also provide some excellent wild brown trout fishing and dry fly fishing can be very productive.  Generally though, fish seen rising in pools where the water is like a mirror are difficult to catch except at dusk.  Instead, during daylight, go for water with a broken surface as it will save you much frustration.

Fishing with fly, spinner or worm is allowed on this beat and all three methods can be very productive under the right circumstances.

*The word ‘Cambwll’ is pronounced:  ‘Cam’ as in English and ‘bwll’ as in the word  ‘bu’ in bush followed by ‘ll’ in place names such as Llandudno or Llangollen etc  =  Cam – bu – ll.

How to get there:

To reach Pont y Cambwll, take the Rhyl Road out of Denbigh.  At Denbigh Green, turn right at the red brick chapel, signposted ‘Tremeirchion’, go straight ahead at the crossroads and proceed downhill to Pont y Cambwll.  To access the beat from Pont Llannerch, follow the directions on the Pont Llannerch beat map.  If accessing the beat from Pont Llannerch though, park on the roadside verge opposite the lodge and gates not next to the lodge and gates.


There is a parking space on the left of the road immediately after crossing over Pont y Cambwll large enough to accommodate two cars, if the vehicles are parked thoughtfully.  A second, official and larger car park can be found on the left a few hundred yards/metres further along the road in the direction of Tremeirchion.  Parking is also possible in a natural unsurfaced roadside lay-by on the right up the hill a few yards/metres further on.

Do not park at or near the junction of the drive on the right immediately after crossing Pont y Cambwll which leads to Bach y Graig Farm as large agricultural vehicles need regular access to the farm during the daytime and sometimes during night time as well.

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