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River Clwyd - Ruthin Park to Pont Eyarth

Beat Description

The first field is again very busy in the summer months seeing more children swimming in the river than fish! Above the old access bridge to Ruthin Castle is a small water fall and above this for a distance the river is slow and deep. The two short stretches above and below the Corwen road bridge are again beautiful stretches of small pools and runs. The upper stretch below Pont Eyarth is again a lovely stream with runs and pools although quite over grown. Wild brown trout can give you a run for your money up here. Also be aware that sea trout have been caught above this stretch as early as June and July in recent years so you may be lucky.

How to get there:

The bottom stretch is easily accessed from Cae Ddol car park near the park in Ruthin. Further up you can approach from close to the bridge on the Corwen road out of Ruthin.


There is room for 1 or 2 cars by the side of the road near the Corwen Road bridge. There is also a large Car Park in Ruthin town by the bridge near the cafe, and there is space to park by the bridge at Pont Eyarth.

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