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River Clwyd -


Beat Description

Although the short stretch of fishing on the left bank above Pont y Cambwll* is tree lined, there is reasonably open access to some quite nice pools from this bank where a fly can be cast and when you reach the end of this short stretch, it is possible to wade across the river in thigh waders when water level is low to continue fishing along the right bank.  The fishing along the right bank above Pont y Cambwll is also initially tree lined and can be difficult to fish with a fly but it is still possible to access some of the pools and runs using this method.  Access to pools and runs improves though as you walk further up the beat.

About half way up the beat there are steps cut into the side of a steep hill which it is necessary to climb to reach the fishing higher up which although still being tree lined, provides easier access to the river and to some excellent holding pools.  If you prefer to fish the top section rather than the more challenging lower section, it will be easier to access it via the top of the beat.

Although this beat is regarded as a predominantly a salmon and seat trout beat, it is also home to a good stock of wild brown trout with some sizable fish amongst them providing good sport, especially in March, April and May and daytime and evenings from then onwards when water conditions are favourable.

Fishing with fly, spinner or worm is allowed on this beat and all three methods can be very productive under the right circumstances.

How to get there:

To reach the lower end of the beat at Pont y Cambwll, take the Rhyl Road out of Denbigh turn right at the red brick chapel, signposted ‘Tremeirchion’ when you reach Denbigh Green.  Go straight ahead at the crossroads and proceed downhill to Pont y Cambwll.   To reach the top of the beat, take the Mold Road from Denbigh.  Pontruffydd Bridge is the hump-backed stone bridge over the river on the A451 road before reaching Bodfari.  If you use sat nav and key in the post code for the Pontruffydd area of Bodfari, LL16 4BP, it will lead you to within about 100 yards of the top of the beat.


If you wish to fish the bottom section of the Plasnewydd beat, there is a parking space on the left of the road immediately after crossing over Pont y Cambwll that’s large enough to accommodate two cars, if the vehicles are parked thoughtfully.  A second, official and larger car park, can be found on the left, a few hundred yards/metres further along the road in the direction of Tremeirchion.  There is also parking in a natural unsurfaced roadside lay-by on the right a few yards/metres further on.  Do not park at or near on the drive on the right immediately after crossing Pont y Cambwll which leads to Bach y Graig Farm, as large agricultural vehicles need regular access to the farm during daytime and sometimes during night time as well.

If you wish to fish the top section of the beat, proceed over Pontruffydd Bridge in the direction of Bodfari and park on the grass verge on the left alongside the filter lane leading to a country lane. Do not park at or near the entrance to the farm on the Denbigh side of Pontruffydd Bridge.

*The word ‘Cambwll’ is pronounced as follows:  ‘Cam’ as in English and ‘bwll’ as in ‘bu’ in the word  ‘bush’ followed by ‘ll’ in place names such as Llandudno or Llangollen etc  =  Cam – bu – ll.

What3Words: wiggly.looms.clocks    (Parking at bottom of the beat)

What3Words: applauded.fidget.flashing      (Parking at top of the beat)

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