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River Clwyd - Pont Perfa / Pont Telpyn

Beat Description

From Pont Perfa to Pont Llanychan the river is predominantly tree lined with some deep pools but mainly shallow runs and riffles. Again 7′ 4-5 weight rods are ideal with lovely water to explore either on the upstream dry fly or nymph or using downstream wet fly tactics. From Pont Llanychan to Pont Telpyn the river is a delight, fast flowing runs into deep pools, fly fishing heaven probably the best trout fly water on the upper river. Be aware also that from August onwards it is not only brown trout that find this stretch to their liking. Sea trout hold up in the deep pools here also and although few people fish for them specifically this high up the river, it does not mean that they are not there!

How to get there:

Turn off the Ruthin-Denbigh Road at Rhewl for Pont Telpyn and Pont Llanychan.


There are three access points to this stretch the bottom of the beat, parking on the grass verge on the upstream side of Pont Perfa nearest to Llanynys. Half way up the beat park on the downstream side of Pont Llanychan on the grass verge on the Rhewl side of the bridge and Pont Telpyn parking on the upstream side in the pull in area on the Gellifor side of the bridge.

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