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Llyn Tegid

Beat Description

Llyn Tegid holds perch, roach, pike, trout, grayling, eels,  along with salmon in the season and the legendary GWYNIAD.   This is a plankton feeder and seldom caught on rod and line. It is a relic of the ice age and unique to this lake. Also present are minnows loaches and bullheads. Recently ruffe have been caught by some anglers fishing ledger. Any legal method is allowed for any fish.  During summer roach and perch can be caught along the margins on float or ledger using worm or maggot. Fish of 2 to 3 lbs in super condition are not unusual. The perch above left was caught during the club's junior competition and is typical of the size and condition that can be expected. Perch will also take a spinner. Pike can be caught using live or dead bait or by spinning. Wild brown trout can be taken on fly and although not present in the vast numbers of the early 1950’s they are still present and well worth a day’s fishing.  The fish above right is a wild lake brown trout caught by a local junior and weighed over two pounds. Large ferox trout are also present. The lake is a popular venue for coarse fishermen during the winter and impressive bags of roach and perch are consistently taken on ledger  and swim feeder. Dead baiting for pike is also a popular method during the colder months.

    The approximate sizes of the biggest fish that have been recorded here are as follows:

Pike 33 lbs, Salmon 15 lbs, Sea Trout 6 lbs, Brown trout 11 lbs, Ferox Trout 10 lbs, Grayling 3 lbs, Perch 4 lbs, Roach 2lbs, Eel 4 lbs, Gwyniad 2 lbs.  


"Teggie", the mythical lake 'monster' has not yet been weighed!

How to get there:

Follow signs for Bala or use the postcode below.


Access to the lake is from the main parking near the warden's office or lay byes on the main A road side and from the official Snowdonia National Park parking at Llangower on the B road side. Further information including maps from the Tourist information centre near the warden's office.

Post Code: LL23  7SR

Grid Reference:

Below is a bathymetric chart for Llyn Tegid  showing the depth contours. For a PDF copy please click the image.

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